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QUIETPRO QP100Ex Communication Radio Interfaces

Cables to Connect QUIETPRO QP100Ex to Communication Radios / Systems


Product Numbers



PORT1 Interface Cable - Motorola GP340
for QP100Ex**NOT for connection to GP340Ex or GP380Ex radios


PORT1 Interface Cable - Motorola ATEX Adapter PMLN5679 (GP340Ex and GP380Ex
**For use with QP100Exonly


Motorola ATEX Adapter PMLN5679

Key Features

Radio Interface Cables provide connection from the QUIETPRO QP100Ex Control Units to your radio and communication systems. Provides one connector to attach the interface cable for a single channel, two-way communication radio via PORT 1.

Automatic Radio Configuration:

  • Each cable contains a data memory device that is used by the Control Unit to determine the
  • settings required to interface the radio / device to the Control Unit.
  • Multi-function interface cables permit the connection of several different radio types to the Control Unit. The connector and electrical wiring of the cable are the same for a variety of radios. However, they require different Control Unit settings in order to provide high quality, clear audio. The user is presented a list of radio options through the headset (voice feedback). The user should select the correct radio model.

Recommended Industries/Use



75 cm or 155 cm (unless specifically stated)


Each labelled with its specific SKU

Cable Styles

Strraight, Coiled

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