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Honeywell North Air-Fed Suits

Honeywell North® Air-Fed Suits are specifically designed to protect workers against hazards in nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical and biological environments. The ventilated protective suits integrate Respiratory Protection and Protective Clothing to offer a high level of protection for the worker while allowing freedom of movement. Honeywell offers a range of Air-Fed suits to suit various needs and are the ideal solution for a range of applications; including protection against radioactive particles during shut-downs or maintenance operations in nuclear plants, handling chemical compounds in pharmaceutical industries, research on viruses in BSL4 laboratories.


Product Numbers



Mururoa BP
Ventilated chemical protective suit adapted for low pressure air networks (see brochure for sizing chart)


Mururoa V4F1
Ventilated chemical protective suit adapted for high pressure air networks (see brochure for sizing chart)


Mururoa MTH2
Ventilated nuclear protective suit adapted for nuclear work environments (see brochure for sizing chart)


Ventilated suit adapted for chemical and antistatic work environments (see brochure for sizing chart)


Ventilated suit adapted for biological work environments (see brochure for sizing chart)


Mururoa BLU
Ventilated suit adapted with integrated Powered Air Purifying Respirator (see brochure for sizing chart)

Additional Information

Customer Care:
800.430.5490 (US)
800.212.7233 (Canada)

Key Features

  • Excellent field of vision
  • Safety strip for easy suit opening
  • Dosimeter window 
  • Air distribution network allows air to circulate inside the suit
  • Undressing strips make suit removal quicker
  • Adjustable supply valve for air flow adjustment
  • Reinforced protection at feet level
  • Exhaust valve expels used air out
  • Double back zipper for tight seal and fit
  • Integrated hose loop for air supply hose
  • Range of suits for various needs and applications

Recommended Industries/Use



  • EN 14605: 2005 / A1: 2009 -
  • EN 1072-1: 1998 -
  • EN 1149-5:2008 -
  • Electrostatic-Ineris -
  • European Directive: 89/686/EEC -
  • NF EN 14594 -
  • EN 12941 -
  • EN 92507 -

Historical Brand


Honeywell Safety Products


Honeywell Safety Products
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Smithfield, RI 02917
USA (former Sperian) 800.430.5490
USA (former North) 800.430.4110
CANADA 888-212-7233


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