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Honeywell Safety Products is committed to support safety managers in their quest to build sustaining cultures of safety. We offer the broadest portfolio of leading safety solutions in the marketplace today.

Honeywell Safety Products helps safety managers build enduring cultures of safety that minimize injuries and maintain a more protective and productive workplace.

Studies have shown that an empowered safety culture can be the most cost-effective and proven accident-prevention process. Creating a safety culture does not mean adding a new set of rules; it is a new philosophy of preventing injury in the workplace. Safety is no longer something defined and enforced by the management; rather, it becomes the right and responsibility of each and every employee. When workers embrace safety standards and practice better behaviors, they can regulate their own safety much more effectively and consistently.

Honeywell Can Help
We offer the broadest portfolio of leading safety solutions in the marketplace today. With the widest range of stylish, comfortable, and high-performance PPE equipment, innovative technologies, global reach, and a comprehensive set of training and education programs, we understand, and can best serve, the safety manager’s needs and expectations for improving the work environment. Our 50 years of experience and knowledge in regulatory compliance, hazard identification, safety management, and PPE equipment selection and application, combined with a deep organizational commitment, uniquely positions us to help safety managers build a culture where workers make safer choices on their own. Partner with Honeywell to discover new ways to lead them to safety.


Honeywell Safety is committed to protecting men and women exposed to risks in all types of industries and work environments. It is this commitment that drives our design and manufacture of high quality equipment to meet the wide variety of workers' safety needs. Combining advanced technology, comfort and ergonomic features, we offer the most complete line of personal protective equipment from our international leading brands.


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  • Honeywell Safety Products Protective Apparel Customer Service
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