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Wherever there is a potential for falling objects, flying objects, impacts or bumps, Honeywell has a hard hat to meet your needs. Adjustable, imprintable and dependable, our hard hats and accessories provide comfortable, reliable head protection. With stylish, lightweight shell designs, suspension height adjustment and comfortable padding, these are hard hats your employees will want to wear.


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Setting a new standard for hard hat comfort

It's your job to keep your workers safe and productive. The first way to do that is to ensure that they wear their hard hats and other safety gear all day long.
The problem: Users will not wear hats that are uncomfortable or fit poorly, resulting in constant removal and readjustment.
Our North zone hard hat is so comfortable, stable and lightweight your workers wont want to take it off.
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Build Your Own Hard Hat

Uvex HypershockFibre-Metal’s & North hard hats do more than just protect workers, they can also be customized to display company logos, designate trade expertise, illustrate personal interests and increase visibility. Using our web-based Build Your Own Hard Hat application, employers can outfit workers with head protection solutions that meet the exact requirements of their specific applications. 

 Fibre-Metal offers hard hats with four-point, six-point, and the industry’s only eight-point suspension, providing more suspension options than any other hard hat manufacturer. Nineteen shell colors are available to suit a wide variety of corporate identities and personal preferences. Build Your Own Hat also allows users to choose from a range of stock safety slogans and graphics, or upload their own custom graphics and logos, for one-of-a-kind designs. 

 With nearly limitless possibilities, Build Your Own Hat allows employers to outfit every worker with a suite of head protection solutions that meet the most stringent safety guidelines, offer maximum comfort and performance, are easily adjustable, and can be customized to each company’s unique specifications and needs.

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FibreMetal_163x94Fibre-Metal Products Company was founded over a century ago, out of the desire to provide high-production workers with proper personal protective equipment. The first product invented by the company’s founder was the protective welding helmet, a harbinger of the importance the company would continue to place on protective headgear. Today, as part of Honeywell Safety Products, Fibre-Metal continues to offers comprehensive line of protective caps and related equipment, designed to the highest standards, with the ultimate safety of each worker in mind.

Protecting workers from head injuries is “job one” on any production site and the most effective means of doing so is to equip workers with hard hats (or safety helmets) that meet applicable industry standards (ANSI z89) for worker safety and that provide maximum comfort, reliability, and functionality. Fibre-Metal’s hard hats and protective caps, which can be combined with welding helmets, faceshields, and welding goggles, keep workers around the globe safe on every type of work site and are suitable to every application and process .

The advanced technology of the SuperEight™ Impact Energy Control System in Fibre-Metal hats offers unparalleled protection, by ensuring the force of any impact is dispersed into smaller increments and diffused over eight load bearing points – reducing risk of injury.

In addition, Fibre-Metal offers three hard hat suspensions to provide maximum stability and adjustability.


TabLok™ features a 360° padded sweatband that provides extra comfort for all-day wear 

Ratchet headband is strip proof and provides easy adjustment

SwingStrap™ combines the benefits of both the ratchet and the 360° padded sweatband, with the added ability to covert from forward to reverse wearing position without having to remove and reinstall the suspension.

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