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Your employees deserve the best hearing protection. From technical innovations to educational initiatives to field verification, we offer a suite of resources to make hearing conservation happen.

EARPLUGS: A commitment to hearing protection means considering all the features that make one ear plug work and fit differently than another: material, shape, size and NRR. Howard Leight makes it easy to compare products and ensure that all your workers receive the right fit and protection.

EARMUFFS: Every day, workers count on Honeywell Howard Leight earmuffs to block noise and manage sound in some of the world’s most acoustically challenging environments. Our products meet these demands through a combination of advanced technology, performance and comfort features that put people first – offering a range of earmuffs with different product features and attenuation levels targeted to the demands of different users and different environments. Whatever the situation, turn to Howard Leight for the most innovative earmuffs in the industry.

Your Choice in Hearing Protection


Built for lightweight, durable convenience. The HL400 accommodates disposable foam earplugs ranging from MAX, Max-Lite, MAX Small, Laser Lite, FirmFit, X-TREME and Multi Max. Need a refill? Select either the new prefilled canister or our traditional zip top bags and you’ll be ready to go.
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From construction to manufacturing to utilities, with Honeywell Howard Leight’s TrustFit POD, workers get a personalized fi t, every time. Don't just give your workers earplugs. Give them confidence - with TrustFit Pod push-in foam earplugs. NRR 28.

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Electronic Sound Amplification. Built to protect worker’s hearing while allowing them to have environmental awareness. Valuable for workers who require impact noise suppression but is also helpful for hearing impaired workers.

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Work. Stream. Talk. Wirelessly. The Sync® Wireless earmuff connects wirelessly to mobile phones, and features a robust boom microphone that lets you answer calls with the confidence you’ll be understood. Plus, you can easily stream information from your mobile device—enhancing your enjoyment while improving situational awareness. NRR 25.

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The Honeywell Howard Leight full line of bright, corded metal detectable earplugs are easily spotted visually, electromagnetically or by x-ray, so you can protect your workers’ hearing while avoiding potentially costly product contamination and process disruption. Available with a brass or stainless-steel collar and metal content cord for optimal detection, we have a detectable solution to meet all your workers’ needs.

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VeriPRO Screen

VeriPRO makes it easy to get an accurate, real-world picture of your employees’ hearing protection. Find out whether your employees are receiving optimal protection, require additional training on how to fit their earplugs, or need to try a different model.

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