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Honeywell delivers a total respiratory offering – from dust mask to SCBA. With world class comfort, fit and reliability to keep workers safe and productive and with training and educational material to help workers make safer choices on their own, Honeywell Industrial Safety provides protection for every breath you take.




Breathing New Life Into Welder Safety.
Hazards can spark from everywhere when you’re welding, and to stay protected you need a welding PAPR solution that enables you to focus on your work, not your equipment. That’s why Honeywell North offers a new, ultralight welding helmet featuring an auto-darkening filter with a brighter resting light shade than currently available – a new standard in light transmission.

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The Honeywell TITAN™ NFPA Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) is reliable, comfortable and user-friendly. It was developed after extensive collaboration and testing with firefighters to be smart, intuitive, and easy-to-use. The TITAN SCBA will help users get a new level of maneuverability, reliability and ease of use with their SCBA.

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Selecting the appropriate Respirator

North-78005-CF-SAR_MFor those who work with toxic chemicals and other hazardous substances, respirators are an essential component of an effective safety program. Selecting the appropriate respirator must take into consideration the unique hazards of each worker’s particular job and jobsite. Hazards vary widely, from airborne particulates such a dust, and fumes, gas and vapors, or any combination of these. A respirator designed for protecting workers from fumes may not provide adequate protection for a worker exposed to acid gas, for example.

Honeywell’s respirators adhere to the highest industry standards. And when companies partner with Honeywell Safety Products, they can rest assured that they are taking the strongest precautions to protect their employees’ respiratory health. Our commitment to helping companies safeguard their employees’ health is one we’ve held true to for over 125 years. You can count on us.

Honeywell Safety Products offers a multitude of respirators and related equipment covering a broad spectrum of industries and work hazards. To download the complete Respiratory Protection Product Guide, click the link below.

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Lead Abatement


Fit Test and Training Tools

Effective April 22, 2010, Contractors working on Lead Abatement are now required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be certified.

The Links below offer information regarding the OSHA Lead Standard and a Marketing Bulletin with added information regarding standards and products. Click on the links below:

Marketing Bulletin - EPA Lead Requirement and P100 Respirators

Honeywell Technical Paper  - OSHA Lead and Construction

Honeywell Technical Paper  - OSHA Lead and General Industry


Honeywell training tools provide instructions to ensure your fit testing and use and maintenance complies with OSHA-accepted guidelines.

Below are quick links with information for all your fit test and training needs.

Full Facepiece Donning Instructions

Half Mask Donning Instructions

YouTube Honeywell Training Videos  

Fit Test Kits

Fit Test Record

OSHA MedCert Online Medical Evaluation

Honeywell esLife® Cartridge Service Life Estimator for North® N-Series Cartridges




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